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High-precision cutter heads&fixtures

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Application field

Mainly for mold manufacturing enterprises to provide better cutting tools

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Medical treatment


Military industry


Automobile glass


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Precision products, high quality service, to meet customers

Wholly-owned subsidiary Zeatool established in Toronto, Canada in 2022. The industrial chain behind it is the largest machinery industry base in northern China and has a history of more than 50 years.

The company mainly products various of spring chuck,milling chuck, drill chuck, center sleeve, dividing head, boring head, rotary worktable, quick change tool post, grinding wheel dressing device, tool holder, precision vise, sharpening machine, all sorts of measuring tools and all kinds of other products, which are sold to the United States, Germany,Britain, outheast Asia and more than fifty countries and regions.

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Zhengzhou Machinery Co., LTD. Shandong,formerly known as Pingyuan County Agricultural Machine Factory established in 1958, was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in October 2014. Stock code: 831293.

The company mainly produces kinds of machine tool accessory products, including the collet chuck, milling chuck, rotary center, arbor, adaptor sleeve, universal boring head, grinding wheel dresser, precision vise, cutter grinder, CNC tooling holder, CNC dividing head, NC rotary table, etc. In China's machine tool accessories market it is one of the largest professional manufacturers.

80% of its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and so on. It is also one long-term partner of the world famous tool dealers such as Hoffmann, Rohm, Haas and so on.

Although the value of functional components and accessories of machine tools is not high in the whole set of equipment, it has a significant impact on the reliability, service life and mean time free from failure of the host machine. Machine tool accessories assist machine tools to complete a variety of functions, it plays a key role in the full play of machine tool performance, expand the use of machine tool process performance, ensure processing accuracy, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, etc.

As one of the core manufacturing enterprises of machine tool accessories in China, Zhengzhou machinery has won the title of hidden champion of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province. “Zhengzhou” trademark was identified as the only “Chinese Well-known Trademark” in the machine tool accessories industry by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2015.

The company's independent research and development of HDT Cutter Sharpening Machine, C13A Drill Sharpening Machine, CNC Dividing head and other new products, new technology has obtained more than 40 national utility model patents. In 2019, we won the second prize of enterprise management modernization innovation achievements in China's machinery industry.

The company has independently developed intelligent manufacturing software (MES) and advanced scheduling system (APS) to ensure product quality and delivery time. Zhengzhou Machinery as leader of Pingyuan county machine tool accessories industry cluster, is using the brand advantage, channel advantage, scale advantage, to realize the chains integration of industrial chain, supply chain, value chain. The goal is to build Pingyuan County into China's first and world famous machine tool accessories manufacturing base.

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