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About ZeatoolCompany Profile

Wholly-owned subsidiary Zeatool established in Toronto, Canada in 2022. The industrial chain behind it is the largest machinery industry base in northern China and has a history of more than 50 years.

The company mainly products: various of spring chuck,milling chuck, drill chuck, center sleeve, dividing head, boring head, rotary worktable, quick change tool post, grinding wheel dressing device, tool holder, precision vise, sharpening machine, all sorts of measuring tools and all kinds of other products, which are sold to the United States, Germany,Britain, outheast Asia and more than fifty countries and regions.

About Zhengzhou

As the parent company behind Zeatool, Zhengzhou Machinery develops its business since its establishment in the year of 1958. It has dedicated to provide the OEM services for the world-class brand for over 40 years. However, Zhengzhou is a Hidden Champion and rarely known by public as what Hermann Simon defines.

Zhengzhou is like a luminous pearI in the past 40 years and will be continuously forged by its 400 technicians with the craftmanship spirit. From the year of 2022, we established “Zeatool” brand in Canada.

Our products will be mainly launched by Internet. Based upon our understanding to the customers’ satisfaction, we strictly maintain the management of our quality control and the supply chain. We are confident that the price-performance of our products and the convenience of Internet deal-making will be a gift for the end users under the adverse impact of COVID.

Nietzsche said “A day without dancing is betrayal towards life ”, we believe that the launch of our new brand will surely benefit all the Sino-American and Sino-European partners.

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