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How to effectively select fixture for CNC lathe?

The fixture of NC lathe is developed according to the needs of processing technology. The accurate positioning element on the fixture enables the workpiece to quickly occupy the accurate position relative to the equipment and CNC blade. The accuracy grade of the workpiece can be ensured without calibration, and the fixture production efficiency is high. The accuracy level is high, but it is necessary to design and manufacture suitable fixtures, which are widely used in mass and batch production.

How to effectively select fixture for CNC lathe?

The adjustable clamp of CNC lathe can be divided into universal adjustable clamp and group adjustable clamp (also called adjustable clamp). Its common feature is that it is only necessary to replace or adjust some accurate positioning, clamping or sliding rail elements to carry out multiple processing, thus changing a batch of small and large batch production into "large batch production". Components on the same set of equipment. After the product is upgraded, only parts belonging to the same category can still be processed on the fixture here. Because of its good adaptability and inheritance, the application of adjustable fixtures can greatly reduce the total number of fixtures, reduce the time of production site management cycle and control costs.

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