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What functions does the spring collet specification have?

The specifications and models of spring collets are diversified, which can meet the needs of a variety of customers in terms of application styles and corresponding specification data. With the continuous development of production and processing and the technology of machinery and equipment, in the development trend of design reform and innovation, it is stipulated that each system software can further improve the productivity. The spring collet is a basic but very important special tool. As a machine tool, it never comes to the time and space of design, which seems to be a very strange thing.

Under the condition that the equipment structure is also changing rapidly, the miracle sf of the initial spring collet will not change, mainly because of its unique dexterity, exquisite structure and strong. Excellent characteristics of economic development. Although the collet is small, it plays a key role in the machine tool manufacturing industry, because it has the following powerful functions:

1. It can accurately position and hold the workpiece or CNC blade, and has the function of multi-directional torque and rolling bearing cutting speed.

2. It has the function of lifting the driving force to resist the tension and transforming the driving force into the clamping force of the workpiece or special tool.

3. It has the function of quickly releasing the workpiece or special tools.

4. Repeated high accuracy does not reduce the processing accuracy, so that the workpiece will not be damaged.

5. The bending rigidity of high-speed drilling is not large.

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