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When we talk about machine tool accessories, we can't help but talk about Zhengzhou Machinery. As a county-run state-owned enterprise established in 1958, it took the lead in the industry to start machine tool accessories in the country as early as 1986 and won the title of "China Well-known Trademark '', which is the only one in the industry.

80% of our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, and we have been the leader of machine tool accessories in China for decades.

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"Gathering is a fire, scattering as a sky full of stars". Under the leadership of Zhengzhou Machinery, Pingyuan where Zhengzhou Machinery is located is also recognized as the "Township of China Machine Tool Accessories" by China Machinery Industry Federation. This is the perfect interpretation of the industry's position in the Pingyuan machine tool accessory industry cluster, "Don't open an accessory store if you don't have Pingyuan-made".

But what makes the people of Zhengzhou torn is that although the product varieties and quality have been well known, three points have been troubling them. First, because of the short supply of products, the company's main focus is to grasp the delivery, so new product development investment is seriously inadequate, affecting the development of the enterprise, especially with the rapid growth of the surrounding small factories like spring, product prices and profits have been significantly reduced. Secondly, most of the products of Zhengzhou are OEM for international first-class brands, and most of the profits are conceded to the brands and channels, and the economic benefits are not shown. Third, the degree of equipment intelligence is low, although there are several skilled craftsmen, labour accounts for "half of the total cost" so the enterprise is overwhelmed.

In 2022, the people of Zhengzhou sounded the rallying cry for product upgrading and transformation to the direction of high precision and high added value. On the one hand, most of the customers of Zhengzhou are brand owners, who have a strong demand for high-end products, and are not afraid of not being sold as long as the product quality is good. So it is necessary to do a good job on the supply side. They have set up a special team to sort out more than 30,000 SKUs since 2020, selected more than 300 SKUs, and set up a machine tool attachment research institute jointly with Shandong University of Science and Technology. 4 doctors are waiting for the day, and developed several new products through many tests on material selection, heat treatment process and testing methods.

"Snow falls on the top of the green mountains, from afar, as if long white hair; The breeze rippled the green water, and the surface frowned.". How to seize the "Made in China 2025" new opportunity to achieve the phoenix nirvana, rebirth of the fire, became a serious issue in front of the industry leader in machine tool accessories.

"To polish the old name and reinvent new advantages", we must work on product innovation, brand innovation, channel innovation and process innovation, said Wang Feng, chairman of the board of directors of Zhengzhou Machinery.

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"Precision parts mainly rely on craftsmanship, and intelligent manufacturing production lines are called good but not good." This was originally the consensus of the industry, but Zhengzhou united with the automation company and developed the intelligent manufacturing system, the consistency of the products was greatly improved, and the per capita output value was raised from the original 200,000 yuan per capita to 800,000 yuan per capita.

After a period of "following" the first-class foreign tool manufacturers, Zhengzhou Machinery is making efforts to "run" with foreign high-end products in a new posture.

On March 18, 2023, Qingdao Tuling Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of a NEEQ listed company Zhengzhou Machinery (Stock code: 831293), successfully launched its first parts production line for lithium battery diaphragm industry, and the first batch of the sets of cross-pull clamps were inspected to fully meet the quarlity requirements.it reflects Zhengzhou’s new level of its upgrading capability and regenerative power since its establishment 60 years ago.

The booming development of new energy automobile industry provides a once in a blue moon opportunity for high precision parts manufacturing and supporting industries. the line were exclusively made for the world-renowned lithium battery equipment manufacturer Zhongkehualian.

Based upon the requirement for the raw material and quality control, it solves the problems such as profile tolerance, surface roughness, group assembling and structural heteromorphism.

Qingdao Mosen Automation acts as the designer for the process package, mainly engaged in the selection of casting raw materials, confirmation of the heat treatment manufacturing and etc. the whole process fully ensures the stable supply of raw materials and quality control.

After the technical exchanges and further discussions with necessary manufacturers, Zhengzhou purchased world known three-coordinate measuring instruments from Wenzel (Germany)and Mahr (Germany) , the flat nose pliers from Rohm (Germany)and Mazak equipment from Japan which could maintain its operation 24 hours a day.

This intelligent manufacturing production line is expected to yearly generate the revenue over 30 million RMB, More importantly, by the new launcn, Zhengzhou Machinery will be definitely benefited by its experiences for the standardization, batch normalization and precisionism of its products.

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